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By Dr. Alfonso del Corral Salas, responsible for the Sports Medical Center Alfonso del Corral. www.cmalfonsodelcorral.com. Member of TopDoctors.es

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Football player’s ankle

Football player’s ankle. Dr.Javier Vaquero and Dr. Alfonso Del Corral talk to us about a common and very typical condition of football practitioners in which degenerative signs are going to appear in this joint due to repetition traumatism and that will progressively are going to limit the sports practice.

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Meniscal transplantation

Dr.Javier Vaquero and Dr. Alfonso Del Corral resolve doubts related to the meniscus, its surgery, reconstruction or transplant possibilities and recovery.

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Basketball player’s back pain

Dr. Alfonso Del Corral and Dr.Javier Vaquero review the pain usually produced in basketball players, what does the back suffer from and why in a jump? And the best way of recovery.

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The ankle that gets injured

Dr. Alfonso Del Corral and Dr.Javier Vaquero explain to us regarding the injury of the ankle.

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Wrist fracture in sport

The injuries in hand and fingers represent at least 10% of the assisted sport injuries and therefore, third place after the knee and the ankle.

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Knee anterior cruciate ligament

The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee is very common in sport and due to its severity it is capable of making an athlete withdraw permanently.

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Scaphoid fracture

Dr. Del Corral makes a review at the clinic, production mechanism and treatment of one of the most serious and worrying injuries in basketball players. (PDF in Spanish).

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