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Growth factors

In La Masó Medical Center the innovative technique of growth factors is performed, based on the last researches with the BTI system.

The Growth Factors are a set of proteins that in are in the blood plasma and in the inside of the platelets in a natural way. They play a relevant role in the communication between cells and they make a great number of biological effects, in fact, they play an important role in the healing and tissue regeneration processes.

Benefits of technology of plasma rich in growth factors:

– To delay the disease progression
– To improve the stiffness of the joint
– To reduce the inflammation and the pain
– To improve the functionality and mobility

The plasma rich in growth factors is mainly intended for:

– Muscular and joint injuries
– Tendinopathy
– To stop the progression of the arthrosis in the joints

The plasma rich in growth factors arises as an effective alternative to conventional treatments. From the same patient’s blood it allows to obtain a medicine based on growth factors therapeutical properties present in the blood. Its application, in the case of arthrosis, may stop the disease progression and reduce the inflammation and pain improving the patient’s mobility and with no reported side effects.

Hyaluronic Acid

Natural hyaluronic acid is a substance that serves to improve the skin in beauty treatments, cure pains of diseases such as arthritis and is a product widely used in cosmetics. Because it is a fundamental part of dermal cells but also the construction of hard tissues such as joints and cartilages has wide acceptance within the rehabilitation sector.

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