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Functional Training:

the best training for your daily life

Functional Training is a very effective personal training, in which the exercises are adapted to personal needs oriented to improve daily functions and increase the quality of life of those who practice it. They are multi-articular, multi-muscular and multi-directional exercises that seek to develop the intelligence of human movement.

The fundamental difference between a Functional training and a conventional training is that the former is not aimed at competition of any kind but it is intended to improve health and overall well-being. The classic workouts used to focus on generalized aerobic exercises without taking into account the specific needs of the people who performed them. However, with the Functional Training, what we are looking for in the Centro Medico Alfonso Del Corral is for each patient to make the most of their body and movements.

This training incorporates the best of each fitness field, taking into account the physiology and functional biomechanics of the human body, neuroscience and physical law applied to each body movement. In this way, the exercises are performed based on a detailed study of the person’s body functioning and individual conditions, allowing for optimized results. Therefore, although it can be performed in a group, it is recommended to carry it out individually with a personal trainer.

In this way, in addition to improving physical capabilities such as strength, speed or endurance, functional training also works with other important abilities for our daily life such as agility, mobility, stability, coordination or balance, also correcting our body posture.

The good thing about this type of exercises is that these are not performed with complex machines but they can be carried out with much simpler materials (balls, dumbbells, TRX straps…) without being less effective, and that are also very entertaining for those who perform them.


Electro fitness is the combination of traditional Fitness with electro stimulation system. Results are achieved in a very short time and with fewer sessions than with traditional Fitness. As any other sport, it must be combined with healthy lifestyle habits and a balanced diet.

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