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Primary care pediatrics is the specialty that covers the health of children from birth, accompanies them throughout their development until adolescence, performing a fundamentally preventive function and closely monitoring the normal development of the child.

This way, health problems can be detected early, which, if corrected properly, will not leave sequels in the child, nor will they give rise to other problems in adulthood.

Likewise, it plays a key role in the treatment of acute pathology (bronchitis, gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, dermatitis, traumatisms, etc.) that are the most frequent cause of consultation in pediatrics, for which, rapid access and attention quality, with the means, the right time to make a good diagnosis, perform an early treatment, adapted to the needs of each child and family, makes a difference, improving compliance with treatments and shortening the duration of symptoms.

The role of the periodic reviews of the child by the primary care pediatrician is paramount, since from its first days of life, it advises the parents, resolves doubts, takes care of the child’s health, making the appropriate recommendations in each case, adjusting the vaccination calendar and monitoring each family and each need. This vision of pediatrics goes beyond the simple fulfillment of the official vaccination calendar of each autonomous community. It is also a good time to establish a good pediatrician-child-family relationship, which will improve the experience of “going to the doctor”.

For all this, it is necessary to offer our children quality care, based on scientific evidence, close, friendly, focused on the child and their environment, respectful and safe, and this is where the figure of the primary care pediatrician plays its fundamental role.

Periodic revisions:

-Newborn baby-7th day
-15 days (2nd week)
-3rd weedk-1 mes
-2 months / CAM vaccinations
-3 months
-4 months / CAM vaccinations
-5 months
-6 months
-7 months
-8 months
-9 months
-10 months
-11 months / CAM vaccinations
-12 months / CAM vaccinations
-15 months / CAM vaccinations
-18 months / CAM vaccinations
-24 months

Not included vaccines in the Official C.A.M. schedule:

-Seasonal influenza
-Meningococcus B
-Hepatitis A
-Meningococcus A,C,W,Y
-Chickenpox second dose
-HPV (males)

From the 2 year, annual check-ups (there is a C. A. M. vaccination at 6,12 and 14 years old) or another option is every six months, if parents wish, up to 5 years and yearly from 5 years old.

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