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Gait study

State-of-the-art computer systems are used to study the patient’s way of stepping on it and the possible injuries that this way of stepping may cause (muscular problems, repetitive sprains, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Hallux Valgus, knee injuries, etc.). In this study, the behavior of the foot is analyzed both in standing (static) and movement (dynamic), as well as the study of stability and patient posture (stabilometry). Once this is diagnosed, a virtual mould of the foot is obtained. This information is then editing using specific software and a fully customized insole is designed for each case. The material used to manufacture the insole is totally exclusive and has a greater dynamic response that, together with the lower thickness and weight of the insole, favours integration into the footwear.


The treatment with chiropody consists of the removal of calluses and hardness by means of scalpel and to find the etiological mechanism that originates them to compensate it with treatment.

Baropodometric study

The Electronic Baropodometer is a device consisting of a platform with digitized sensors that analyze the distribution of loads and pressures of the feet in a static way and during the cycle of the march, through the analysis of the plantar support.


We have a custom insole creation service. Perfect for professional athletes or other athletes who need to improve their gait.

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