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Speech therapy is based on diagnosis and treatment in children and adults who present an alteration in any spectrum of language. The focus is multidisciplinary in continuous collaboration and supervision of neuro-pediatricians, neurologists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, ENT specialists, functional orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons.

In patients with voice disorders, a functional, aerodynamic and acoustic voice is performed to objectify the altered parameters.

After the diagnosis and prior examination of the ENT specialist, appropriate rehabilitation treatment is scheduled for each patient. In the area of communication and language alterations, dyslalias, dysarthrias, disglosias and language delay are treated.

Another area is learning problems such as reading, writing and altered cognitive processes. These pathologies are treated from the base, not only their symptomatology. With this approach, primitive reflexes are evaluated and a table is programmed to inhibit the altered reflex. In a coordinated manner, regular interviews are held with the teaching staff in order to follow up the short term and unify criteria for action.

Voice pathology

Diagnosis, evaluation and treatment.
Functional voice evaluation.
Voice re-education in functional pathology.
Voice re-education in organic-functional pathology.
Professional voice spoken and sung.
Voice re-education in endocrine pathology.
Re-education of the voice in pathology due to neurogenic and myopathic alteration.
Childhood dysphonies.

Language disorders

Simple language delay.
Specific language delay.

Speech disorder

Dysphemia or stuttering

Learning reading and writing disorders

Reader delay


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