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Dr. Alfonso del Corral Salas


League Champion, seasons 84-85 and 85-86

Spanish Cup Champion 84-85 and 85-86

Prince of Asturias Cup Champion

Runner-up of the European Cup 84-85

Korac Cup Winner 87-88

Champion of the Spanish Super Cup 85-86


As a professional player

1978-80         Vallehermoso Madrid (TEMPUS) 

Alfonso del Corral’s name began to sound in the world of basketball as a result of his performances at Vallehermoso, a subsidiary team of Real Madrid. At the Islas Filipinas (Madrid) team he led a generation of great players, including two men with whom he would share many hours of parquet in the future, Fernando Romay and José Luís Llorente. His most famous action was when the first white (Real Madrid) team was eliminated in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey and qualified brilliantly for the final against Barcelona. Once there, logic prevailed and the Catalans won, but the display of the fighting spirit and self-love showed by Vallehermoso made the runners-up cup feeling as winners.

1980-81         Estudiantes 

His aggressive and courageous playing style gave him way to a higher step the following year, Estudiantes. And at the “colegial” club, he made history again. In an exciting season, the quintet composed by Fernando Martín, Slab Jones, Charly López Rodríguez, Ignacio Pinedo and Alfonso del Corral (with the number 8 in the photo) fought until the last second for the league title against Barcelona. To do so, they defeated Real Madrid twice in which they had faced and only Barça stood in their way. Once again, the second place achieved was a great success and is, in fact, the best season of its history.

1981-82         CB OAR Ferrol 

After finishing his medical degree, he moved to Ferrol (A Coruña, Spain) and helped his team to make a historic season. Despite the limited budget available and a rather tight team, La Malata’s club not only maintained the category, they ended up in a surprising sixth place.

1982-83         Inmobanco 

After his Galician experience, Alfonso returned to his usual home, Real Madrid, with his subsidiary, now called Inmobanco. And once again, his charisma was felt in the group, composed at that time by basketball players such as Joseba Gaztañaga or Juan María Prada, who led them to a new final Cup. The blue-scarlet black beast crossed his path again, but this third subchampionship forged his wining character. That year, he also suffered a high individual recognition by winning the Real Madrid Christmas tournament and receiving the best player of the game award.

1983-84         Caja Madrid 

A team made up of veterans like Wayne Brabender and youngsters like José Luís and Toñín Llorente plus José Manuel Beirán and Alfonso del Corral managed to finish the Regular League in third place, another great result of a modest team like Caja Madrid, which played in the tiny pavilion Virgen del Val, on the banks of the Henares river.

1984-88        Real Madrid 

As a result of the previous season, Alfonso del Corral is pleased to join the extraordinary Real Madrid team. It is worth mentioning that the best period of Spanish basketball was experienced with the medal at Los Angeles and it could be stated that the shooting guard arrived at its destination at the best moment. In his team he got his best results and gave way to his legend.

As head of sports medicine

Doctor in charge of the Real Madrid basketball section

After finishing his sports career, President Ramón Mendoza offers him the opportunity to direct the medical services of the Real Madrid basketball section. He went from being a teammate to the health manager, helping to achieve: 1 League (92-93) 1 European Cup (94-95) 2 Spanish Cups (88-89 and 92-93) 2 Recopas (88-89 and 91-92).

Head of the Real Madrid C.F. Medical Services

He collaborated in one of the most successful stages of Real Madrid in recent decades, helping to achieve: Football 6 Leagues (94-95,96,97,00-01,02-03,06-07 and 07-08) 3 European Cups (97,99 and 01) 1 Supercup Europe (02) 2 Intercontinental (98,02) Basketball 3 Leagues (99-00,04-05 and 06-07) 1 European Cup (95) 1 Recopa (97) 1 ULEB Cup (07).


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